> Photography by Oliver Lison

The Photographer

Oliver Lison is a German-born artist. He previously worked in Scotland for a some time. He has been a residence of the city of Almere / the Netherlands close to Amsterdam for almost a decade. He is a specialist in portrait and fashion photography. Due to his German roots he mainly follows projects in the Netherlands and Germany..

My Work

His work is around portraiture and fashion. The way Oliver creates images are best to describe as pure and natural as people are.

The Tools

His photographic tools of choice are selected with great care and are dedicated manual focus-only lenses, based on legendary optical designs, by Carl Zeiss together with Fujifilm and Nikon bodies. In his opnion, we are often so spoiled by autofocus lenses and automated cameras, that we either inherit or develop the "spray and pray", point and shoot mentality. Manual focus lenses require some extra work and Oliver finds himself putting a lot more thought into framing and composition, rather than just taking quick snapshots. Working with non-auto focus lenses merges with my mantra: 'Simplicity is Beautiful'