> Photography by Oliver Lison

'Planning is the Key to Success'

Shooting abroad is exciting as always, especially in the City of New York. Therefore planning is the key to success. A lot of time was spent on the entire preparation: Theme, clothing, locations and every other detail that had to be researched and organized before travelling to NYC. Once in the Big Apple locations were visited and scouted.
Talking to local people help you getting around the city and encourage to discover unexpected things. Also organizing a pre-shoot meeting is a good idea. This gets everyone actively involved before the showdown. Showing how well the shoot is prepared will encourage all participants to trigger off their ideas. The plan for this NY project was to shoot three sets of clothing at three different locations.

'Smooth Ride'

From concept to call-sheet to completion, it's refreshing to see that not one hand was wasted in creating this magnificent series. Everyone worked well together and fulfilled multiple tasks. That was leading us through the story Oliver wants to create, the lighting setup and locations seem to speak perfectly to his vision. Having given his tiny crew and subject discrete direction it's great to see they all had their own creative input.
When collaborating from 6am till 4pm it is important to have that smooth ride though out the day. A shoot like this is always a big team effort regardless how big or small the team is; everything needs to come together with the right mixture of ingredients (Clothing, location, make-up artist, model) And having little things like refreshments and healthy snacks available keeps everyone happy.


Thank you to Everyone invloved in this Project. Friends at home in the Netherlands, who inspired and helped Oliver developing this project. Stevie and Eszter who both have relentless energy throughout the day. Pat Walsh, CEO of Walsh Family Media NYC, who was getting up early to let us use his studio to get Stevie, the model, ready at 6 o'clock in morning


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Manhattan Shadow Games

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6:00am Getting started

Stevie is made ready for the first shoot by Eszter before going to Times Square for the first shoot

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9:00am Calling a Cab

Going by Cab to the next Location

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11:00am Energy needed

Getting Beverages and Food to go.
A Project like this burns Energy like Hell.

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12:30pm Having a Break

to check social media
and to getting Stevie ready for the last shoot

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3:00pm Packing up

Travelling by Taxi again through the NY.

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4:00pm Finishing together

Back where we started this morning.