> Photography by Oliver Lison

What Does Simple Mean (and What Not)?

The word 'simple' can be easily misunderstood. It doesn't mean just less of something. Simple means reduced to it's essence. When something is reduced to it's essence you couldn't take anything more away without crippling its very nature. It also means that anything you would add is essentially unnecessary and would only really create clutter.

Why All Good Things Are Simple

To start off: Nature is simple and works perfectly. Usually everything we create goes through an evolution, or through a cycle of development until the process comes to rest. This is usually the essential state, where it nears perfection for it's purpose.

When you try and learn something new there is usually a lot of seemingly chaotic input. It's hard to separate relevant or even essential from irrelevant. Then you learn more and start to set the pieces of the puzzle together. Eventually you can arrive at the master stage, where you just know. You know when something is not relevant for you (or your project) and you focus only on what is important. This is the state of simplicity.

What does it mean to my Photography?

Because we seem to live in an overly complex and technologically overloaded world I reduce things to the essence that images became natural and pure again. To achieve symplicity iy has to be elaborated and a concept comes into action. The concept paper outlines ideas because people, clothing, lighting, location and much more needs to come together at the right place and time. Therefore it is essential to work with a team that you can trust and that they know what they do without asking twice. When selecting equipment for a specific assignment then no compromise will be taken. Lenses for instance will be used that are known for a dynamic and natural rendering.